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Whitewater Rafting

As one of the international travel destination, Bali has provided a lot of tourist attraction and activities for the comfort of the travelers.
Whitewater Rafting is one of the most exciting adventure tours in this island. There are some recommended best spots to raft; Ayung River, Telaga Waja River and Unda River. Thousands of visitors have enjoyed the thrills and spills of whitewater rafting.

Ayung River

Enjoy the best of Bali with a whitewater rafting adventure on the spectacular Ayung River as an unforgettable journey through lush jungle scenery and deep river gorges led by Indonesia's top rafting level.

Melagit River

Melangit river located between eastern part of Gianyar and the western part of Klungkung takes about 45 minutes drive along good roads. The Melangit is a unique among river in Bali. It's steep cliffs and rocks waterfalls and sharp bends make it very attractive to the adventurous. With polution free water and untouched tropical vegetation, it has a pure natural beauty that is especially refreshing.

Telaga Waja River

Experience the beauty of Bali through the pure nature, luscious jungle, and lovely terraced rice field. Paddle through the breathtaking waterfall and plunge 3 meters from the Bajing dam into the churning whitewater. Nothing breaks the silence except the sound of the jungle and the rush of the river.

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