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Surfing has been the number one water sport attraction for many years since the day of the hippy travelers of the sixties and seventies. Ever since those times, many people have been attracted to Bali because of the great surfing it has to offer, and it is now one of the top surf travel destinations in the world. Bali is ideal for both "hard core" surfers who are keen to ride huge waves that are equal to the best, as well as beach goers who are content just to float in the warm waters.

There are a few reasons why the surf is good on this island. Apart from anything else, striping down to your board shorts and dunking yourself in the water is really refreshing option. However Bali is most unique for surfing because of the huge swell that is built as it travels north from the southern oceans and catches the shores.

The best spots for surfing are Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Canggu, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua. Although Bali's surf is the ideal surfer's paradise, one needs to treat the ocean with great respect and be aware of the potential dengers. The waves can have tremendously power due to the long distance travel of the huge swells. Very strong currents and rips are common, and may people find themselves caught in rips that are impossible to swim out of. Often the waves travel in sets with up to ten minutes between sets in which the ocean can appear calm, so before entering the water it is always a good idea to observe the conditions for extended period of time. Unless you are a highly experienced surfer yourself.

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